Posted by: Tim Parker
09/27/12 1:53 pm EST

A big man (well at least a good one) is a rare commodity and a precious jewel in today’s NBA.  

Certainly, Philadelphia, like most other cities lately, has been bombarded with a bunch of coal at the center position – instead of the precious diamonds that shined in places like Orlando (Dwight Howard), San Antonio (Tim Duncan), and even Houston (Yao Ming) for a time. 

A generation of 76ers basketball was depleted of interior dominance. 

But, in the perfect tale of basketball novelty, there could be no one better to rectify this problem then the nearly native son, Andrew Bynum. 

When Dikembe Mutombo (the last solid true center the Sixers roster could boast) left town, Bynum was barely an adolescent.  Now, it is a 24 year old Bynum who can possibly fill a wide stretching empty space in the paint for this franchise.

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