Sam Hinkie Revisited

Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
08/01/14 2:42 pm EST

samA year ago, I penned the story In Hinkie I Question which examined every aspect of Sam Hinkie’s rebuilding plan up to that point and what needed to be done for Hinkie to gain my stamp of approval.

I broke down the story into four parts; the teams draft picks, the teams tanking ability, the organizations draw to free agents and the teams tradable assets. Based on the information I had at the time, I made an educated verdict on Hinkie’s plan and found that he was taking a lot of risks which had me skeptical that he’d be able to turn this franchise into a winner once again.

Now a year into his plan, you’ve seen the wheels on Hinkie’s long-term goals start to move. Good or bad, there is a definite direction that the team is now headed­­. With this in mind, I’ll re-examine Hinkie’s plan based on the same model of my past story. Has Hinkie gained my stamp of approval? Find out after the jump…

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
10/02/13 8:54 am EST

tonywrotenmediadayblackcopyAnyone who reads me closely on this site should know that I’ve had a very critical view of point guard Michael Carter-Williams since his No. 11 selection by the Sixers in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Much to my displeasure, my fears about the 6-foot-6, 185 pound guard were realized during Orlando Pro Summer League where he looked lost on offense, atrocious at shooting the basketball and was physically a ways away from using his height to his advantage against his competition.

In terms of his averages he looked deceivingly good with 13.6 points, 6.8 assists, 4.2 rebounds but he shot a miserable 27-percent from the field while committing 4.8 turnovers a game. On defense, he was being pushed around by stronger and quicker guards like Victor Oladipo and Jeremy Lamb.

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/11/13 5:04 pm EST

It’s thirty minutes after the Sixers third straight loss in the OPSL, and lottery pick Michael Carter-Williams emerges from the locker room with ice packs on his knees and a smile on his face.

You would think, and it would be understandable, that the 6’5 point guard would be exhibiting some amount of frustration over his summer team’s record and his personal performance (15-60 shooting).  But on the contrary, Carter-Williams’ body language is upbeat and his mind is focused on the future.  As the interview commenced, the first question I asked was about his struggles shooting at OPSL and if he attributes that to tough defense or shots just not falling.

“It’s a little bit of everything.  I’m getting the shots I want it’s just about me knocking them down,” Carter-Williams opened up.

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/10/13 5:18 pm EST

Despite a fast start by the 76ers on Wednesday, Oklahoma City, behind second year guard Jeremy Lamb’s 32 points, proved to be too much for the Curry & Co. and prevailed 74-62.

Game 3 was like watching two Olympic sprinters start out at an even pace, only to watch the opposing sprinter blow by you and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Most people when given the option choose to hear the good before the bad, so first let’s go over the positives from today’s game.  It was easily the best defensive performance of the week for the Sixers, allowing only 74 points and forcing 23 turnovers.  Philadunkia’s home team also out rebounded Oklahoma 30 to 27 thanks in part to the extended minutes of rookie Arsalan Kazemi.  Kazemi finished the game with 29 minutes, 6 points, 3 assists and 9 rebounds but not all of what he does reflects on the stat sheet.

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/08/13 8:22 pm EST

Three after three after three, the Indiana Pacers put on a shooting clinic Monday as the Sixers were stuck playing catch up and eventually fell 96-75 in Game 2 of the 2013 OPSL.

Following yesterday’s porous interior defense, coach Michael Curry decided to use a no hedging policy on pick and rolls to limit points in the paint.  Curry accomplished that goal but the only problem was the 76ers gave up 15 three’s in the process.

Second year forward Arnett Moultrie commented on the Pacers shooting, “They made a couple and then the rim just got bigger for them.”

The Sixers kept the game close in the first half on the shooting of un-drafted free agent Khalif Wyatt.  Wyatt kept the offense under control in the first half scoring 15 points off of 6-11 shooting.  Wyatt got whatever shot he wanted making two three’s, floaters and driving to the lane for lay ups in the first half.

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/06/13 9:44 am EST

If the NBA off-season was a beauty pageant, then the month of June would be the swimsuit part of the competition and July would be the talent portion of the event.

It’s time for this year’s beauty pageant to enter the talent part of the competition.

Beginning Sunday at Orlando’s NBA summer league event, it won’t be the wins and losses that matter the most, it will be individual performances.  Talent, hard work and hustle will determine who makes NBA rosters this fall.

For the 76ers summer team roster now is the time to impress GM Sam Hinkie.  It wont be easy however as there is no shortage of big names at this year’s OPSL.  Hopefully the 7-6 gained some momentum from their scrimmage yesterday vs. the Utah Jazz and are ready to showcase their skills.

After the jump, a look at the foes in Orlando as well as the Sixers schedule for the OPSL…


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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/04/13 11:55 am EST

We all know after the Finals conclude and the NBA Draft is over, that the summer sports schedule is so thin late night USA Ping Pong competitions on Fox Sports are a revelation.  That’s especially true in summer 2013 because the Phillies have been so difficult to watch.

But it’s time to stop complaining as NBA summer league action tips off this coming weekend.

Beginning July 7th, the Southwest Orlando Pro Summer League begins and this year the League has expanded from eight to ten teams.  The Sixers will be joined by Houston, Boston, Orlando, Miami, Utah, Oklahoma City, Indiana, Detroit and Brooklyn from the 7th to the 12th at the Amway center.  The 76ers first game will be Sunday at 9 am vs. Houston.

This year’s 76ers draft registered a seven on the NBA rebuilding Richter scale.  New GM Sam Hinkie made a tremendous splash with his first move by trading away All-Star guard Jrue Holiday for Kentucky center Nerlens Noel.

With a brand new roster that still has that new car smell, there is a lot to evaluate during this year’s OPSL.  Headlining the roster is Holiday’s replacement, Syracuse guard Michael-Carter Williams and the 54th pick, Oregon’s Arsalan Kazemi. Given the Sixers thin frontcourt, Kazemi has the potential to be an immediate impact player on this team.  Noel, the new franchise centerpiece will not be able to play because of his knee injury, so there will be plenty of tick for Micheal Eric and Zeke Marshall, the two centers prospects on the Sixers summer league roster.

After the jump, a look at the names and bios of the players on this year’s summer league roster…

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Posted by: Stephen McNulty
07/13/12 4:24 pm EST

It was a tough end to the Orland Pro Summer League for the 76ers, who lost their fourth game of the week to the Detroit Pistons 71-67 this afternoon.

The Sixers were once again led by big man Devin Searcy who recorded his second straight double-double with 10 points and 12 rebounds.

It was a total team effort early on for the 7-6, with seven different players scoring in a first quarter that had the Sixers leading 24-18.  The full effort was epitomized by coach Aaron McKie’s five-man rotation.

“We just wanted to even the minutes out,” McKie said.  “I wasn’t going to sit over there and wreck my brain.  Towards the end of the week guys start to get tired, and they try to tell you they’re good but I can see out on the floor they’re not.”

Lavoy Allen got off to a nice start for the Sixers and finished with six points and four rebounds.  Justin Holiday only had two points in the first half and finished with five for the game on a tough 1-8 shooting performance.  It was clear that some players were losing their legs a bit.

After a wonderful performance yesterday Searcy once again made his best pitch for the 76ers roster.  The former Dayton Flyer not only recorded a double-double but added three blocks while playing good defense against Andre Drummond, the ninth overall pick in this year’s Draft.

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
12/05/10 12:15 pm EST

Usually on nights following  an epic collapse, the 76ers would struggle out of the opening gates, forcing up shots and playing sluggish defense.  But Saturday night at the Wells Fargo Center was a different story.  The 76ers scored 32 first quarter points, never came close to relinquishing the lead and defeated the Bobcats 109-91 for Philadelphia’s third win in their last four games.

You mean to tell me the 76ers actually held onto a halftime lead?!  Yes, yes they did.  Philadelphia’s superb help defense, protecting the basketball (only 11 turnovers) and spreading of the rock (23 assists to Charlotte’s 16) helped nearly every 76er get involved in the action.  But all of these components of Saturday night’s winning formula have to take a backseat to the 76ers new starting shooting guard.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
08/03/10 9:29 am EST

What do you do when you’ve just wrapped up your worst season in a decade, fired your head coach, and traded your starting center for two guys with tons of “upside”?          

You throw a Beach Party of course!          

On Saturday, July 31st at Jack’s Place in Avalon the Sixers hosted the 2010 version of their annual Beach Bash.         

Here was the scene: A bar/restaurant in one corner, a parking lot with a signing tent and stage and a few inflatable-bounce-pits in the other.  It was really hot and Evan Turner was in the house.          

The attention of the crowd was heavily focused on Turner and everybody cheered loudly when the No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 Draft was introduced.  All-in-all a pretty exciting moment.  After allowing him a beat to soak in some adulation (which I think contains Vitamin D), his handlers led him to the autograph table and he went to work at the small-ball of fan pleasing, signing and smiling.  And stayed at it.  Patient guy.          

While I was angling to talk to Turner, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren took the podium and addressed the crowd.  He shared with them some specifics on the Flyers and some platitudes about building a winner. I turned around to see if Ed Stefanski was listening.  He wasn’t.          

When Holmgren was through, I asked him a few Sixers questions while a PR rep looked at us quizzically.  He expects 31 wins for the Sixers this year, 17 ppg for Evan Turner, and thinks AI9 will finish the year in a Sixers uniform.  Write it down.           

But back to the order of the day.  After Turner shot a Kia commercial, signed more autographs, and shook hands with all the people his handlers gently demanded he shake hands with, I got a chance to talk for a few minutes with the belle of the ball.          

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