TC14: Question No. 1

Posted by: Philadunkia
09/23/14 1:01 pm EST

2getherwebuildmantracopyWe’re exactly 7 days from Philadunkia’s home team taking the court for Training Camp 2014 and while we realize that the team’s fate for this season (Year of the Double Tank) is already sealed we still feel there are number of topics that deserved to be examined before the team hits the floor over at Stockton College.

So, today we are kicking of a new series here at Philadunkia that will ask and analyze key questions Sam Hinkie, Brett Brown and the Sixers will be facing heading in to training camp 2014.  Each day a question will be posed to three Philadunkia scribes — Jeff McMenamin, Michael Kaskey-Blomain and C. Smith — and their insightful answers (hopefully) will be posted for you the reader to view an comment on.

Today’s training camp question is…”Given the interesting off season the 76ers franchise had, what do you think the tone and atmosphere will be like at training camp 2014?”  

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The Scoop on Jordan McRae

Posted by: C. Smith
09/18/14 9:34 am EST

Cleveland Cavaliers v Philadelphia 76ersOn June 27th the 76ers announced they had officially acquired the draft rights to Jordan McRae (6-6; 185; 7-7 wingspan), the 58th overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, from the San Antonio Spurs in exchange for the 54th overall pick.  The announcement brought a big smile to a number of faces here at Philadunkia.

Based on his outstanding college career (two-time All-SEC First Team Selection), his unique skill set, the fact that Sam Hinkie traded for McRae and the show he put on at the NBA Summer League (21 ppg.), most of us here at Philadunkia believed that with a solid training camp performance, McRae was a lock to make the 76ers roster this fall.

Thus, it came as a big surprise to us in late August when the news broke that McRae had signed to play for Melbourne United in Australia.  In fact, it was too much of a surprise to let the story go unexplored and the news we have learned may surprise you.

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George Karl’s Harsh Words on the 76ers

Posted by: C. Smith
09/10/14 3:33 pm EST

george-karledited“What is happening in Philadelphia should not be called ‘tanking’; rather, it should be called ‘destruction.’  The Sixers are at least three to five years away from even being a respectful — respectful — NBA roster.  They are worse than they were at the end of last year.  Three of the five starters barely played last season.  I understand building around talent, but people have to understand that sometimes young players just don’t develop.  You put all your eggs in that basket, but if the kids don’t pan out, you’re sunk.”

Those are the words of former NBA coach and current ESPN basketball analyst/expert George Karl put out to the World Wide Web on Tuesday via the ongoing “Front Office” series in’s Insider section.

While I may not agree with everything the former NBA Coach of the Year had to say on the 7-6, the article did have me asking, “What if Karl is right?”

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Where Will the Production Come From?

Posted by: Adam Gross
09/02/14 12:29 pm EST

brown-brettThe possibility of a fewer wins in the 2014-15 season for the 76ers has become a harsh reality in the recent weeks.  The departure of Thaddeus Young has put this team in a spot where in addition to scoring and defense, reliability and leadership have now been added to list of major concerns for this 2014-15 roster.  For most of 2013-14, players such as Young (17.9 PPG), Evan Turner (17.4 PPG) and Spencer Hawes (14.9 PPG) gave the Sixers relatively consistent production.

Making up that offensive production, along with a slew of other meaningful actions on the court, is a challenge that the Sixers simply cannot duplicate in 2014-15.   And in the season of the double tank, that may be just the way Sam Hinkie wants it.

After the jump, I’ll look at the various position battles headed into training camp and whether or not any of the candidates can improve on the production the 76ers got at that position in 2013-14.

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Young’s Trade Haul is a Clear Miss by Hinkie

Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
08/24/14 4:32 pm EST

10520210_746239618765943_364556449_nI’ve had the privilege of covering Thaddeus Young’s rise in the NBA for the past seven seasons. During this time, Young has impressed me a great deal as both a player and a person.  He’s served as an example to the NBA of someone who’s not only dedicated his all to his craft on the court, but to everything that the NBA tries to stand for off of it as well.

Looking through the NBA’s values statement, it instills a few main points – to grow through teamwork, innovation, integrity and respect. Young is the epitome of those values.

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McDaniels: Possible Sixers “Glue Guy”

Posted by: Adam Gross
08/21/14 12:38 pm EST

kjmcdClemson basketball was not a powerhouse basketball program by any standards in 2013-14, but they did have a star in first team All-ACC selection, K.J. McDaniels. McDaniels was Clemson’s LeBron James, their savior if you will, as he led, or came close to leading the team in every statistical category.

McDaniels ranked first in scoring, rebounding, blocks,  steals and three-pointers made.  He was also second in assists, and so on and so forth.  He single-handedly led a 10 win improvement for the Tigers program in 2013-14 (23-13) and pushed Clemson to the the NIT semifinals. Yet, the dynamic wing player tumbled down the 2014 NBA Draft board thanks in large part to a couple of poor individual workouts.

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Summer School: Joel Embiid

Posted by: C. Smith
08/20/14 7:49 am EST

embiid76erseditedThere is no denying that the relationships between NBA players on and off-the-court has changed over the last 15 years.  In this era of AAU basketball, powerhouse sports agents, mega sneaker contracts and social media, the majority of today’s NBA stars are well connected to each other and former players.  Thus, they have no problem texting an on-the-court rival for advice or working out with a division foe in the off-season or reaching out to a retired hoops legend in order to learn a new move.

Magic, Larry and Mike would never have dreamed of doing such things.

Again, times have changed and so today we are launching a new series here at that works off the above premise regarding current NBA players and applies it to the members of the 76ers roster.  Which current and/or former players should key members of the Sixers pursuit gym time with in order to develop and improve their game outside of Brett Brown’s watch?

Today, I offer ideas for 2014 Lottery pick Joel Embiid (If Embiid was healthy.).

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Bennett Trade: Just Say No

Posted by: Adam Gross
08/16/14 11:38 am EST

bennettAfter a year and countless transactions, the core of the team that once coasted down a long path of mediocrity is completely dismantled, except for Thaddeus Young.  The Sixers combo-forward has been a part of recent reports of a handshake agreement that will send Thad ti Minnesota and in return 2013 first overall pick, Anthony Bennett would be shipped to the 76ers.

Bennett had a historic season in his rookie year, as he had one of, if not the worst rookie season of a first overall pick in the history of the NBA and in my opinion this prposed trade would be detrimental to a growing team.  The Sixers, if this trade goes down, would be following their series of recent transactions by betting on pure potential, and gamble that could set the team back for many years to come.

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Sixers 2014-15 Schedule Analysis

Posted by: C. Smith
08/15/14 8:10 am EST

76ersaltlogoMuch to our excitement, the 76ers schedule for 2014-15 schedule was released yesterday.  And while the 76ers roster is still not complete and Thad Young may or may not be here next month, we took a stab at analyzing the upcoming 82-game slate.

Since most NBA rosters are not yet finalized, we had to make a lot of assumptions based on what the teams looked like last year and the pieces they have subtracted and/or added this off-season.  So we reserve the right to make some changes after the free agent season comes to a final halt.  But I doubt we will be making many changes as the Sixers are going to be terrible during the upcoming season of the “Double Tank”.

With those assumptions in mind we believe “In Hinkie We Believe” fans will be very pleased to learn that a brutal November in 2014-15 will be followed by a simply awful start to January, so the Sixers could be well on their way to an unprecedented double-tank effort well before All-Star Weekend.

After the jump, is a breakdown of what is sure to be a very long season for us here in Philadunkia nation.

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3 Robin Williams Films for the 76ers

Posted by: C. Smith
08/13/14 8:24 am EST

Robin_WilliamsAs we all know by now, Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin Williams died Monday in California.  He was 63 years old.

Williams appeared in over sixty films as well as numerous television shows and proved to be one of the greatest actors of my time. The versatility Williams displayed in his craft was unmatched.  As President Obama said in a statement on Tuesday, “…he was one of a kind.”

As we discussed Robin’s tremendous Hollywood career here at the Philadunkia offices, it dawned on me that most of the 76ers were still in diapers when Williams did some of his finest work.  So with that thought in mind, I assembled a list of three ‘classic’ Robin Williams films this young, rising team should watch and take notes on.

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