Would a Year Off Be So Bad?

Posted by: Josh Newman
10/23/13 3:30 pm EST

Nerlens-NoeldribblescopyThe prevailing notion through the years after a high-profile athlete suffers a serious knee injury, or any injury for that matter, is that the athlete’s mindset is to return as soon as possible.

In some circles, that notion still holds true, namely with Adrian Peterson. The Minnesota Vikings star running back tore the ACL and MCL in his right knee on Christmas Eve, 2011.  He wound up starting Week 1 of the 2012 season just nine months later, rushed for 2,097 yards and was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.

It’s important to note how Peterson went about his injury recovery because Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose went about it very differently and now, despite Brett Brown’s backpedaling yesterday, it appears 76ers rookie Nerlens Noel is about to follow that same route.

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#BEWELL, “Mr. 500″

Posted by: C. Smith
09/17/13 1:20 pm EST

Royce-White-casualOn Monday ESPN.com launched its annual #NBArank series which counts down the Top 500 players in the NBA…according to ESPN’s panel of over 100 “experts”.

As you probably know by now, for the second time in three years, a member of the 76ers was slotted last in the rankings and earned the distinguished title of  “Mr. 500″.  Two years ago, that title belonged to Lavoy Allen.  Lavoy handled his “Mr. 500″ title with class.  At times he even appeared to embrace the ranking and use it to his advantage on and off-the-court.

In 2013, the “Mr. 500″ label has been assigned to one of the newest Sixers, Royce White.  So far, it seems that White is handling the situation just fine as well.

Given that I have watched White live during his Iowa State days and on tape in the D-League, the ranking was a bit of a surprise to me. However, the biggest shocker on Monday was not White’s #500 ranking, it was the outpouring of support for White that followed on social media yesterday.

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Posted by: Jake Fischer
08/06/13 9:53 am EST

samhinkiepressereditedOn Friday, my colleague Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer Tweeted that Brett Brown is the team’s preferred candidate for the 76ers’ head coaching job per a League source. This is simply the latest report in the4-month ongoing story line about the Sixers’ off-season.  Who will be the 7-6’s next head coach and when that announcement will actually come is anybody’s guess.

But officially selecting a head coach is not the only item GM Sam Hinkie and company still need to cross off their off-season to-do list.  There’s a lot of work left to do in order to prepare this team for the 2013-14 season even if the plan is to tank, hard.

After the jump, I’ll review the  Top 6 things the Hinkie needs to accomplish before opening night of the 2013-2014 season, outside of filling their head coaching vacancy.

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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
07/31/13 11:41 am EST

Nerlens-NoelsuitThe hyperbole of “is this guy ever going to play for us,” became a real question for the Sixers last season, one that was answered with a resounding ‘no.’

The Andrew Bynum debacle likely soured Sixer fans on knee injuries for the foreseeable future.

One of the last things followers of the franchise want to see, aside from a Kwame Brown on the court, is another center sitting on the sidelines for an entire season without seeing a second of in-game action.

Especially a center with a fancy hair-do (see: flattop).

Thus, reaction was mixed when the Sixers selected the already-injured Nerlens Noel on draft day.

Not again.”

Are they serious; another one?

Noel wasn’t expected to play until the all-star break at the earliest anyway, but at his introductory press conference a few weeks back it didn’t seem like the organization had set any timetable on his return.

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No. 8 ?!?

Posted by: Jake Fischer
07/30/13 11:14 am EST

david-vanterpoolSince Larry Brown departed after the 2002-2003 season the 76ers franchise has struck out more times than Ryan Howard at trying to land the right man for Sixers head coaching job.  In fact, the 76ers have tried out 7 different head coaches since 2003, none lasting longer than three seasons.

This summer, with Doug Collins leaving the bench after a dismal 2012-13 season, new General Manager Sam Hinkie has the task of bringing in the Sixers’ eighth head coach since Brown left what was then the First Union Center – yes, it was THAT long ago — and he’s captured the entire basketball world’s attention with his due diligence process.

Hinkie had this to say about filling the head coaching position at Nerlens Noel’s introductory presser last week:

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/29/13 9:08 am EST

harris-hinkieLet’s flash forward, it’s May 2015 and the 76ers just knocked the Brooklyn Nets out of the playoffs, led by Andrew Wiggins, Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel.

Oh, the possibilities.  With all the talk of Philadelphia tanking and the Wells Fargo Center being the prime venue to play hide and seek next season, I wanted to remind Philadunkia nation what the final goal is — Wiggins.

New General Manager Sam Hinkie has made some real progress in attempting to land the No. 1 pick next season but it isn’t a lock yet.  So if the 7-6 are really going to tank then let’s do this thing right.  After researching every team’s salary cap I’ve come up with the final seven steps to accomplishing “The perfect tank”.

After the jump, let’s take a look a the final pieces to the puzzle in landing Wiggins.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
07/24/13 11:47 am EST

76erscrystalballIt’s time for another edition of Philadunkia 4on4…

As a reminder, this Philadunkia question and answer series is “loosely based” on ESPN.com’s highly successful, NBA related series of posts titled “5on5″.  Our version of this genre of posts will ask 4 Philadunkia scribes to answer 4 topical, hot button questions about our Philadelphia 76ers.

Now you’re probably asking, “Why not simply stick with the “5on5″ format that ESPN.com uses?”

Well as any great hoops coach will tell you — playing 4on4 is the best way to truly learn the game of basketball.

After the jump four Philadunkia scribes will address four key questions that came out of yesterday’s press conference.  Included in this edition are opinions on when to bring back Noel, the lack of a head coach and the Royce White situation.

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Posted by: C. Smith
07/22/13 10:40 am EST

…in a winning way?

I think it’s safe to assume that everyone in Philadunkia nation has screened the classic baseball movie “Major League” in which Rachel Phelps the owner of Cleveland Indians assembles a roster of has-beens and never-will-be’s in an effort to tank a MLB season and drive attendance so low that she can move the team out of Cleveland.

One problem: Crafty, veteran manager Lou Brown takes Rachel’s extreme tanking efforts and uses them to unite his team under an “us against the world” flag.  As a result several of the players post career seasons and in the film, the Indians miraculously make the playoffs.

What if something similar, but less Hollywood-ish,  happens with the 76ers next year?

What if Hinkie’s “Winless for Wiggins” plan backfires and the Sixers manage to win a decent number of games in 2013-14?

After the jump I’ll take a look at how this “Major League” scenario could play out here in Philadelphia.

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/11/13 5:04 pm EST

It’s thirty minutes after the Sixers third straight loss in the OPSL, and lottery pick Michael Carter-Williams emerges from the locker room with ice packs on his knees and a smile on his face.

You would think, and it would be understandable, that the 6’5 point guard would be exhibiting some amount of frustration over his summer team’s record and his personal performance (15-60 shooting).  But on the contrary, Carter-Williams’ body language is upbeat and his mind is focused on the future.  As the interview commenced, the first question I asked was about his struggles shooting at OPSL and if he attributes that to tough defense or shots just not falling.

“It’s a little bit of everything.  I’m getting the shots I want it’s just about me knocking them down,” Carter-Williams opened up.

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
07/10/13 5:18 pm EST

Despite a fast start by the 76ers on Wednesday, Oklahoma City, behind second year guard Jeremy Lamb’s 32 points, proved to be too much for the Curry & Co. and prevailed 74-62.

Game 3 was like watching two Olympic sprinters start out at an even pace, only to watch the opposing sprinter blow by you and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Most people when given the option choose to hear the good before the bad, so first let’s go over the positives from today’s game.  It was easily the best defensive performance of the week for the Sixers, allowing only 74 points and forcing 23 turnovers.  Philadunkia’s home team also out rebounded Oklahoma 30 to 27 thanks in part to the extended minutes of rookie Arsalan Kazemi.  Kazemi finished the game with 29 minutes, 6 points, 3 assists and 9 rebounds but not all of what he does reflects on the stat sheet.

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