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06/03/10 2:40 pm EST

As we all know, the 2010 NBA Finals, featuring the 76ers most hated rivals — the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics — tips off tonight in Los Angeles. 

Yesterday here at the Philadunkia offices we held a group prayer session pleading with the basketball gods to find a way for neither of our fiercest rivals to claim the 2010 NBA title and as we called on the hoop powers that be, some fascinating connections between the 76ers and the two squads in the 2010 NBA Finals came to light.

So we thought we’d share with our readers some of the interesting and fun gems we discussed and debated yesterday here at the Philadunkia offices.

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10/29/09 10:17 am EST

magicThe best news about last night’s season opener in Orlando is that thanks to the Phillies and Game 1 of the World Series, few people actually witnessed the debacle put on by the 76ers.

We easily could have reposted our recap from Game 6 vs. Orlando in the 2009 Playoffs under a new title and our thoughts from that disaster would also apply to last night’s effort by the Sixers.  That fact is amazing to us considering the 2009-10 Sixers obviously have a new head coach, a new offensive system, two new starters, a new sixth man and new uniforms.  Yet they looked almost identical to the team Orlando dismissed from the playoffs last April.  Put bluntly, last night’s opener was difficult to watch at times.

Now we realize that this was just the first game of the year and that Orlando is a very, very good team (possibly Top 5 in the League) so we’ll try not to slam the Sixers too hard.  In fact the best thing for everyone involved in Philadelphia could be to forget this game ever happened, move on and focus on Friday’s home opener.

With those thoughts in mind, we’ll just provide you with a few quick notes on the season opener and put this one behind us.

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08/28/09 11:27 am EST

andrew_toneyIf you visit this site regularly you are aware by now that we here at Philadunkia are very concerned about the 76ers situation at the two-guard position.

The thought of another season in which Willie Green gets the bulk of the starts at that spot makes us sick to our stomach. As solid of a player as he is, Andre Iguodala simply does not shoot the ball well enough from the outside (especially from deep) to play that position and we believe that was proven last year. Besides we predict that in Eddie Jordan’s Princeton offense, Iggy will be handling the ball a good deal and initiating the offense, something AI9 did a lot of in high school. Jason Kapono and his smooth J was a nice off-season addition and will give the Sixers an outside threat off the bench, but he’s not a starter in this League.

So we still need to find someone to play alongside Louis Williams in the back-court. Now we realize that in the Princeton offense the guard spots are interchangeable and that in this system the traditional NBA speak terms of “point guard” and “two-guard” are pushed to the side. However, in our opinion you can call the spot whatever you want to, it still doesn’t change the fact that the Sixers need a guard who can flat out bang down the jumper to pair with Louis Williams and thus improve the overall team’s outside shooting.  

Based on Ed Stefanski’s comments to the Philadelphia media, it does not seem likely that the Sixers will address this need before the start of the 2009-10 NBA season. So with that thought in mind, we combed through the history of the 76ers franchise and selected the Top 5 two-guards (or shooting guards if your prefer) from the past that we would love to see paired with Louis in the 2009-10 76ers back-court.  

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04/15/09 11:17 am EST

sixers04-15ii2As the Sixers and the Celtics took the floor for the opening tip last night, we were discussing how the Celtics would lineup with KG and Ray Allen both back in Boston. As the players  readied for the tip last night a discussion broke out amongst the Philadunkia staff that even though the Boston was missing two All-Star starters last night, that the C’s still had a better first-five then the 76ers put out on the floor. Upon further examination, it unfortunately seems to be a true statement which is pretty depressing.


So you understand how we came to our conclusions, you should know that we graded the match ups on current skill levels, stats and play ONLY, not on long range potential or how a player is developing or “ifs”. Basically the question was, “Who would you rather have in your lineup right now?” Here’s a look at our answers.
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