Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/29/10 9:45 am EST

Ok, so there are some rumor winds swirling  from Philly.com that the Sixers have made an offer for malcontent Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, and that the Nuggets kinda, sorta, maybe like the deal.  The question of the hour is, do they like it, or do they like it, like it.

Let’s say they like it, like it.  I’m going to peer into my crystal ball and tell you how this one plays out (BTW, my crystal ball is a replica of Ed Stefanski’s head).  The trade would be incredibly popular initially with both fans and the less-savvy members of the media (but I repeat myself, zing!), and everybody would sing the praises of Rod Thorn and draw parallels between his acquisition of Jason Kidd ten years ago and the Nets consequent rise to the top of the East and his now acquisition of a twenty-six year old Olympian, near scoring champion and, in the circumspect and well-considered words of Chauncy Billups, “one of the top two or three players in the world.”  Hot damn, this Thorn is a wheelin’, dealin’, riverboat gambler!  He turned Igoudala into Carmelo.  How’s that for alchemy? — the columns would read. 

Expectations would be high.  Through the roof.  They would literally explode through the roof.  After enough roofs were destroyed, people would learn not to keep these expectations indoors.  They’d be left outside to soar, to be free.  And why not?  Carmelo Anthony is the single best player in basketball not named Kobe, Lebron or Durant!  We know that because he scores the most. You can’t win without scoring points, anybody knows that.  And the guy he’s replacing?  Iguodala?  More like “ugly(jumper)odala!”  That guy sucks.  Look at his scoring for crying out loud.  Carmelo scores waaaaaaay more than him.  Carmelo, points, Carmelo, twenty-eight a game, Carmelo, scorer, Carmellllllllloooooo!  That’s how the conventional wisdom would go.   And who could argue with it.  Carmelo does score a lot of points.   And everybody knows the best player is the guy who scores the most.  Period.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
05/26/09 9:19 am EST

edstefanski1Over the last week to ten days, 76ers General manager Ed Stefanski has interviewed a hoist of candidates for the Sixers vacant head coaching position: Eddie Jordan, Dwane Casey, Kurt Rambis, Tom Thibodeau, Chris Ford and Villanova coach Jay Wright have all discussed the opening with Stefanski. As we all know, Wright decided to stay at Nova and politely withdrew his name from consideration. That leaves Ed with a minimum of five candidates to choose from at this point.  Now word on the street is that Stefanski will also meet with / interview a couple of former NBA head coaches such as Avery Johnson, Jeff Van Gundy and Doug Collins. That bumps Ed’s candidate list up to eight. So Ed has a heavy work load in front of him as he has lot of resumes to review, stats to compile and references to check. Which could explain the below statement we received from Stefanski and the Sixers over the holiday weekend.
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