Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
04/30/09 7:58 am EST

svgiiStan Van Gundy is a clown. The manner in which he acted in response to Tony DiLeo’s comments on the refs Tuesday night was childish. After DiLeo rightfully called out the refs for both the elbow thrown by Dwight Howard and Howard’s tendency to stay underneath the basket for more than three seconds on both defense and offense, Van Gundy had this to say:


“Am I supposed to come up here and talk about the game? Or am I supposed to come up here and lobby for the calls I want the next game? Is that what it’s about now? We’re supposed to lobby for the calls we want the next game? Let’s just play the games. I guess that’s the only reason Dwight’s having success in this series. It has nothing to do with the fact that he’s good. We’re going to have the league look at Dwight’s elbow on Courtney Lee, too.”


This just shows you the type of coach that Van Gundy is. He starts being a hypocrite as soon as he comes on the podium. If he didn’t want to talk about the calls, than why even bring them up? He was definitely trying to send a message to the League offices or start something with DiLeo. Both are totally unprofessional.
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