Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
07/22/10 11:02 am EST

On September 25th , 2000 Paul Pierce was stabbed eleven times in the face, back, and neck while attempting to break up a fight inside a Boston dance club.  That evening he underwent emergency lung surgery.  Things obviously looked bleak for Pierce.  Here he was, a young athlete, in the prime of career, cut down by a senseless act of violence that imperiled not just the only dream he’d ever had, but his life.  Everything hung in the balance. 

Pierce persevered though; made a recovery so complete, so miraculous, that he went on to start all 82 games for the Celtics the following season. This happened because he worked hard and never stopped believing in himself.  It also happened because Tony Battie, his friend and teammate, got him to the hospital so quickly that night.

Battie also was the No. 5 pick in the 1997 NBA Draft.

These are two very impressive facts about Tony Battie.  Especially the first one.  I wasn’t able to find a third though, because one doesn’t exist.

Fortunately (because I have a column to fill) there are plenty of unimpressive facts about Tony Battie that we can catalogue.  Here they are…

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