Posted by: Jake Fischer
08/29/13 8:17 am EST

mcgrady&iverson37,584 minutes.  24,368 points. 6,375 free throws. 1,983 steals.  23 Player of the Week awards.  10 All-Star appearances. 4-Time NBA scoring champion.  3 First Team All-NBA selections.  2 All-Star Game MVPs.  1 NBA MVP Award.

But the number that truly defines Allen Iverson is 6.  Yes, a six-foot guard from Georgetown, Allen Iverson.

Iverson was more of a transcendent icon than he was a phenomenal basketball player.  What he accomplished at the small height of six feet — which we all know is a fib — is what catapulted him into sports history. You know what?  Screw sports history.  American history.

It’s what makes Iverson a cold-stone-lock Hall of Famer and separates him from the likes of Tracy McGrady.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
02/22/10 4:27 pm EST

At the NBA trading deadline last week the 76ers were allegedly involved in numerous different trade talks.  One of the rumors that has been confirmed on multiple fronts is that Sixers GM Ed Stefanski declined to trade Andre Iguodala and Sammy Dalembert to the Houston Rockets for Tracy McGrady’s expiring contract and rookie Chase Budinger. 

We all know what McGrady’s expiring could have done for this franchise and it seems that Budinger may have been a decent addition as well.  We know it’s very early in his career, but recently Budinger has been seeing plenty of tick down in H-town and producing.  Over the last five games he is averaging 12 points to go along with 4 rebounds per run and last night Budinger pulled off this nifty little move against New Orleans…