Not My Usual Day in Manchester

Posted by: James Plowright
10/09/13 11:46 am EST

537696_3665377225975_587995416_nBLEEP! My alarm goes off, game day is finally here!

At age 21, I have been a fan of the NBA for the last six years of my life. Never did I imagine the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Philadelphia 76ers would be playing a game in my home city, Manchester.

The only way this day could have got any better was if my beloved Charlotte Bobcats were making the trip across the pond, but you can’t have everything!

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Posted by: Jake Fischer
07/02/13 2:48 pm EST

At the glorious stroke of midnight and the arrival of the month of July, Sam Hinkie fervorously rubbed his hands together and cackled into the quiet night that surrounded PCOM.  The NBA calendar had flipped to 2013-2014 and Spencer Hawes and Kwame Brown immediately became “Spencer Hawes’ and Kwame Brown’s expiring contracts.”

While the rest of the League is paying attention to what asinine delicacies and ridiculous riches several teams will offer Dwight Howard over the next several days, Hinkie and the Sixers are going to lurk in the shadows of the NBA’s crazed free-agency period like a vicious lion and wait for the opportune moment to pounce on a stupid team with a bad front office.

We know they still exist in the NBA, despite having a lockout to correct the absurd financial landscape of the entire corporation just two years ago. Yesterday, it became widely reported that the New Orleans Pelicans (aka Jrue’s new team) signed Sacramento Kings guard Tyreke Evans to a four-year/$40-48 million offer sheet.

Yet while all of these bad owners keep tossing their money around to overrated free-agents and hardly stars like Evans, it’s safe to say that Hinkie won’t be one to overpay for a “hot commodity” this summer.  He wouldn’t think that offering Kwame Brown a lucrative, long-term contract is a smart idea either.

What can we expect from Hinkie this offseason now that free agency has began? There’s five things stand out in my mind:

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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/30/09 10:49 am EST

marissa millerThis edition of “Fo’ with the Foes” — Philadunkia’s advanced scouting series which with the help of an accomplished journalist from around the NBA beat or blog world, previews upcoming 76ers opponents — features tonight’s opponent the Sacramento Kings (14-16) who are the Sixers foes on game three of the current six game road trip. 

We expect a high scoring affair tonight as Sacto is giving up 105 ppg. on the season which ranks them 26th in the League, while the 76ers are allowing over 101 ppg., which ranks Philadunkia’s home team 19th in the NBA.  The biggest question for us regarding tonight’s game is who on the Sixers will attempt to guard Philly native Tyreke Evans.  If Eddie Jordan asks Louis Williams or Allen Iverson to guard Sacto’s outstanding rookie (20, 5 & 4 per night), Evans will hang a 50-spot on the Sixers.  Louis and Iverson are simply too small to guard the 6-6, 220 pound Evans.  Additionally, both are terrible on-ball defenders.  We’d like to see the major task of guarding Evans fall to either Andre Iguodala or fellow rookie Jrue Holiday.  Obviously AI9 and Holiday have the size to better match-up with Evans, but more importantly, both are outstanding perimeter defenders and we believe their defensive skills may be able to slow Evans down some.
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