Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
08/19/09 10:34 am EST

iggytwit-copyIIThe newest generation of basketball players is in and to go along with their blogs and twitter feeds is now UStream. UStream is a site just like Skype that is used for video chats, but it is becoming hotter by the day among young NBA players. Kevin Durant, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard, Jason Thompson, Stephon Marbury, J.R. Smith, and Eddy Curry have all been users of the site as well as two very familiar faces to Philadunkia nation: Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams. I caught up with Andre Iguodala and Lou on their UStream broadcasts a couple nights ago. It was pretty entertaining and they were able to answer most of their fans questions as well as mine that were fed through the chat section of the video stream.

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